Genetic analysis of yield and its components in radish

P S Sirohi, Narayana Kutty C


The diallel analysis revealed partial dominance for leaves per plant, root length, root-shoot ratio and days to harvest. For all these characters, the additive (D) component of genetic variance was greater than the dominance (H1) component of variance. High narrow sense heritability for these characters indicated that major part of the phenotypic variability was due to addictiveness. The presence of additive gene action in these characters indicated the possibility of fixing these traits by selection methods in the later generations of the hybrid progeny. Over-dominance was observed for 5 characters namely, root weight, shoot weight, leaf length, leaf width and yield per plant, while dominance was observed for petiole length and root diameter. In all these traits, dominance (H1) component of genetic variance. The predominance of non-additive genetic variance for majority of characters including yield per plant may be exploited by developing F1 hybrids in radish.

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